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Recent injury or chronic pain? Healthcare can be complicated and expensive, especially with high insurance deductibles, long wait times, insurance pre-authorizations etc. TaylorMED MRI offers affordable MRI examinations without the need for a doctor order.  If you have pain and need an MRI, you can get your MRI done without having to wait to see a doctor first or have to worry about getting an xray or doing physical therapy before your insurance will approve the MRI. If you have a high insurance deductible, you may have a few thousands of dollars that you need to pay in order to meet your deductible. Even then, the insurance company may deny your claim or only pay a percentage. Don't let the insurance companies dictate how your healthcare should be delivered. Now you can pay a low cash price flat fee for advanced high quality MRI examinations without seeing a doctor first. In addition, some insurance companies can reimburse your payment or have it count towards your insurance deductible. Don't waste precious time waiting for appointments and come in today to get your MRI and find out what may be preventing you from being your best self. 



01 / No Doctor Order

Do you have a high insurance deductible or no insurance at all and need an MRI? Skipping expensive medical visits to doctors and physical therapy can save you significant time and money. You don't need a doctor order to get an MRI at TaylorMED MRI. 

02 / Flat Fee

You can schedule online or over the phone. The flat rate price includes the images and radiology report. You will be emailed your results and access to the digital images within 24 hrs. The images can be sent to your doctor through email. No need to carry CDs to your next doctor appointment. 

03 / High Quality

Conveniently located in Lindon, Utah and Murray Utah. You can receive high quality images from our 1.5T scanners. Your imaging study will only be 20-25 minutes. You can also meet with the radiologist to find out your results the same day!



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