We would like to thank you for your trust in us and for your referrals. We want to make sharing images as easy as possible. We have many ways to do so. 


We can grant full access to our PACS system so you can search for your patients in our database. This is accessed from any web browser and is ideal for use in the operating room or in the office with patients. Images and reports can be downloaded if needed to be placed into your own PACS system. We just need a signed HIPAA agreement form and we can get you signed up. This is ideal for those who follow up with our patients or refer to us on a regular basis. 


We can send a HIPAA compliant link to any email address. This will grant access to the images and report for an individual study. Images and report can then be downloaded if needed.  Most practices have a front office email address that the images are sent to. 


We can share images with you through POWERSHARE if you are already connected. 

We value your input, let us know how we can better serve you and provide the best continuity of care for our patients.