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Why TaylorMED MRI?

Healthcare today is a complex and expensive ordeal. Especially in Utah, where insurance pre-authorizations, high deductibles and hidden costs. Navigating today's healthcare can be complicated.

After an injury, it could takes months to arrive at a diagnosis. Time that may be worsening the injury or exasperating pain. From initial doctor's visits, to x-rays and specialist visits to advanced imaging. Each step along the way requiring copays, insurance pre-authorization and precious time. Adding to that burden is high insurance deductible or no insurance at all. All these things pointing to a significant out of pocket expense. 

We believe that there is a more simplified process. Alternatively, that same person with the injury could schedule an MRI with TaylorMED MRI and have it performed within a couple of days, if not the same day! Consultation options are available so you can meet with the radiologist within 90 minutes of your exam to find out what the images show at the same visit.


The official radiology report will be emailed within 24 business hours. The patient could then take that information to the appropriate healthcare provider to initiate treatment or therapy based on the imaging results. This could save money and more importantly...your time. It will definitely save you from a lot of healthcare hassle and headache. 

Schedule your MRI today and be on your way to a healthier you!

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The Fine Print

We are advocates for transparent and accessible healthcare, so here is the nitty gritty:

-The $399 price covers 90% of the exams we do. There are, however a few exams that are $499. These include specialized scans of the abdomen, breast implants screening, or a brain scan without a doctor's order. This price is a flat fee, no tax or other fees are added on top. 

-Because we are a cash-pay facility, the full payment is due at time of service. We do not bill insurance, and we are not in network with any insurance providers. However, we are happy to accept Health Savings Account or Flex Spending cards. 

-We do not provide in-house payment plans, but we are affiliated with Care Credit. This is a medical credit card that allows six months, no interest, to pay off the scan. Please visit their website to apply.

-We do not require a doctor's order to schedule or complete the exam. Most of the purpose of the order is to acquire pre-authorization, and other insurance purposes. So let's skip it and get you in. However, if you do have an order, we are happy to fulfill it. 

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